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Things you didn`t know about your iPad: hidden tricks and new options

Are you getting the most of your device? Sure? After the last update, there are such big discoveries as the dark mode but there are also more little features to come that will make your experience even more pleasant. Have you already found the ones Apple didn`t announce? We did the job for you and formed a list of the most interesting iPad hacks:
1. Siri's voice commands. New iOS update provided iPads with a bunch of great enhancements, one of which is the ability to give commands to your personal assistant Siri with your voice. The only nuance here is that your device should be connected to the source of power to enable this feature but this can be avoided as long as Siri interface is visible and the auto-lock is off;
2. iMessage search. It has always been a pain to look through past messages but now the situation is better. You can look for info using either a single word or the whole phrase and the necessary message is immediately displayed. For example, you want to find a link to the speedypaper review your friend sent you a week ago. Now you can do it easily with a few clicks;
3. Battery killers view. New iOS now allows iPad owners to see the battery usage of any app on your device. You just have to open settings, press general-usage-battery usage. There is also an optimization of the battery charging feature that keeps your phone 80% charged all night and adds the last 20% right before you wake up. This is fantastic for the battery health as charging to the full and keeping it that way all night can damage it eventually;
4. Updated scroll bar. For example, you are looking for a service https://writepaperfor.me/do-my-assignment in your Safari browser. Now when you are scrolling the web page you can look through information much faster due to the new Apple`s update. Just press the scroll bar and hold it, then start scrolling. The quicker you do it, the faster it will scroll;
5. Easy app removal. One of the new cool iPad hacks is the ability to delete apps from the update screen. Many users never care about uninstalling old apps as they are not easy to find on the home screen and no one wants to dig deeper. But once free space is over, it becomes a real challenge. With the new iOS update, you can delete it with one click in the Updates listing;
6. Mouse control. Now you have the ability to use a mouse or the trackpad to control your device easier. You need to get used to it as there is not a standard pointer but when you do, it is a real pleasure. You can check its connection to your device going to Settings and choosing Touch-Sensitive Touch-Pointing devices;
7. New volume line. Do you know that annoying pop-up that appears on the screen when you turn the volume up? In a new update, this indicator is smaller and becomes a thin line if the volume is down. You can easily regulate it with a finger touch instead of pressing the physical volume button on your iPad.
Thanks to Apple, we have iPads that are essential for work, studies, and entertainment. With new tricks, they become even more enjoyable to use.


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